About Us

• We are young, old and middle aged.
• We are longtime residents of the Mohawk Valley and recently arrived refugees from Burma.

• We live in urban neighborhoods, suburban subdivisions, and small towns.

• We are a diverse congregation that finds its unity in our calling to be the people of God.

• We are a Protestant church affiliated with the American Baptist Churches, USA.

• Our sanctuary and educational buildings are located in downtown Utica, one block east of Genesee Street

at the corner of Hopper and King Streets (next door to the Stanley Theater).

Parking is available in the church parking lot, which is entered from Clark Place.

Our Mission Statement



Responding to God's call in Jesus Christ, Tabernacle Baptist Church is a community of faith and love that seeks and invites people to discover purpose, promise, hope and help for daily living in relationship with Jesus Christ.







Our Core Beliefs

THE BIBLE — The divinely inspired rule for our personal faith and congregational practice.

SOUL FREEDOM — The Baptist belief that individuals must be free to make their own decisions in matters of faith.

THE PRIESTHOOD OF ALL BELIEVERS — The historic Protestant belief that God gifts every Christian for ministry.

INDEPENDENCE AND INTERDEPENDENCE — Our congregation is self-governing. We also work cooperatively with denominational, ecumenical, and interfaith partners.

THE LORD'S SUPPER — The Lord’s Supper celebrates Christ’s sacrifice and is open to all Christians.

BAPTISM — Believer’s Baptism symbolizes God’s gift of new life in Christ.

OPEN AND INCLUSIVE — We work hard to provide a place of welcome for all.